When you are presented the path. 


To change the world. 


To change your stars. 


When the time, the energy and the distribution and the technology behind a new wave of education. 


To build a permanent foundation. 


To become united within the face of the new internet. 


Connect. Deploy. Protect and Collect your Share of the Value you Deserve. 


For Bringing true Privacy and true Speed to the People. 


Put the Power back with the User, and Grow Your Freedom. 


One byte to another. We can change the world. 


One person to another. 


We can connect the lives of each other, and build, one. Last. Final. Frontier. 


The Arctic Core. 



The Expanse and Edge Network that finally Broke the Game. 


Time to win, and win big, and prove your position, by sharing your unique pre-release Node id code and each friend you sign, boosts your ranking in the release order, starting with alpha beta zeta gamma and delta waves. 


First to Mine, First to Shine, and First to Lock in their Share of the Final Value Chain, once and for all. 


Pre-Register your interest today by signing up here.

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