Hybrid MultiChain blockchain system, this is the future of blockchain as we know it. One central chain commands 100.

The idea comes from the problem of there being hundreds of altcoins each maintaining their own software stack, most of which are forks of old and out-of-date versions of Bitcoin and Ethereum. There is a demand for a generic whitelabel cryptocurrency framework that keeps itself updated, handles the messy P2P blocktree negotiation and storage details, yet lets developers implement their own consensus details, native token, and scripting system. Similar things exist – Ethereum tokens, Multichain, NXT, Cosmos, and Hyperledger – however they all have serious drawbacks.
We envision something like Ethereum, except where each token is sharded out to its own sidechain, allowing node operators to pick and choose what (potentially huge and CPU intensive) blockchains they want to store for the particular apps they host (and benefit from), yet all are secured by a small shared proof-of-work mainchain. Such a thing does already exist with Blockstream’s Liquid Network and Elements (based out of Victoria, BC, with the original Bitcoin developers) – but their native tokens are still Bitcoin.
With a tokenless shared PoW mainchain, each sidechain has its own native currency. Miners’ rewards come from the sidechain blocks that they hash and include in their mainchain blocks, meaning that they can mine 100 coins at the same time. (They already can with merged mining, but then we run into needing to run 100 different codebases.) From my experience, native currencies are the key that DAOs need to implement their own fee and cryptonomic incentive scripting systems – and hence why there are still so many altcoins.




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