Chris Greyling - President

Mr. Greyling is a well-versed executive and entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in his field. He is now working with Bloxsar in new technological developments around the Internet of Things, connecting business and services all for a better more fast-paced future. His position at Arctic is to make sure everything is going according to plan with respect to due timelines.

Josh James - CEO/Director of R&D

Mr. James is the chief executive officer as well as the head of the research and development departments at Arctic Networks Inc. After creating a successful marketing company to fund his ideas in the privacy field. Josh decided to jump deeper into the tech realm which lead him to learn about blockchain. In turn, he created a full curriculum on blockchain for blocksEDU. Now he is CEO of his new project Arctic Networks Inc and is devoted to his secondary role as head of research and development.

Research & Development Team

Dylan Sharhon - Distributive Systems Architect, Physicist

Mr. Sharhon graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science. Mr. Sharhon has diverse experience in software, economics, physics, mechanical engineering, and teaching. He applies holistic design principles to Arctic’s next-generation cryptographic privacy products.

Paul Gill - Mechanical Engineer, Data Engineer/Scientist

Mr. Gill graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has a background in computer science and working with large data sets. For Arctic Mr. Gill is responsible for creating and collecting data for the Arctic Nodes.

Mirage Leung - Project Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Head of Operations

Mr. Leung graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. He has experience managing large projects. He manages Arctics’ project team’s training and resources. Steers planning and development as needed to best match business and technical requirements.

Tyron de Guise - Creative Director, Head of Strategic Operations

Mr. de Guise is a master of game theory, procedural growth, business psychology and advanced statistics. He creates products and experiences that go beyond themselves- taking us to those places in the mind we’ve wished for, possibly been and maybe never thought of before. Experienced artistic branding and creative advisor to the team he is a guiding force behind their growth.

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